Friday, November 26, 2004

Out of the frying pan...

Okay, so I have four places to visit tomorrow, and three on Saturday. Hopefully also one on Sunday. Saturday will be the worst, what with the terrifying professor of Law at 11 am, zip down to south London at 2 pm, then get to Hamstead by 3:30, and hopefully back to Covent Garden at 5, in time to meet a musicology professor for a drink before the opera at 7. This may be impossible. Hmm... I think that I'll cancel that 2:00 one, which I can't really afford anyway. Yes. That would be better.

I talked to this one landlord on the phone, and I said I had an embarassment of riches when it came to the number of places I have to choose from. She didn't know what this phrase meant. She then told me I couldn't cook meat or eggs in the kitchen, and I hung up.


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