Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

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So, I've been meaning to post more picutres since... well, since I last did it, which was, what? 10 months ago?

When you let 10 months go by, you do tend to collect a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, flickr has a monthly upload bandwidth quota if you have a free account. And since I want to post large-sized versions of my pictures, that means I hit the quota pretty fast. (I wouldn't have hit it quite so fast, except my first batch I downloaded as super-extra-large files, which ate up more than their fair share.)

In any case, next month I'll post another batch of the remaining London photos. And, who knows, maybe some Seattle photos. Although by that point, this blog won't exist anymore.

You can click on the picture at right—not a good picture, but the text of the signs amuses me—which will take you to my "photostream." Also, you can link straight to some collections:

My House and Wood Green
My Jogging Route

...although there also photos which aren't in any collection. (Another thing you're prevented from doing if you have a free Flickr account is create more than three collections.) If you're really pressed for time, this is the single best photograph I took in the UK.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A short list of things in Seattle which remind me of London

[Pictures to be added later, if I get around to it, which I probably won't]

1. The Coliseum. Alas, not the home of opera in English, but rather an old movie palace, which has been converted into a very large Banana Republic.

2. The Paul Smith section of the Seattle branch of Barney's. (On an unrelated note, how is it that Seattle gets a Barney's before SF does? Isn't that a little odd?)

3. A British Affaire. Allow me to quote the website, which appears to be down at the moment: "Foods, Teas and Fine China from Great Britain For the Little Bit O'Brit in All of Us." It is in the same mall as Barney's. It sells HP sauce. And salad cream.

4. The Elephant and Castle Pub. They sell "the Welsh Burger." Are they aware of the area of London they are named after? One suspects not.

EDIT: 5. The steel and glass canopy that covers part of Pike Street by the Convention Center looks, from certain angles, like Canary Wharf DLR station.