Thursday, December 15, 2005

Leaving Do

I feel like there was a post here months and months ago in which I expressed my amusement at the phrase "leaving do" to mean "going away party." And now here I am, inviting people to my "leaving do" left and right, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It begins in two hours.

Paris was great. I have discovered that you can make a lot more progress in the Bibliothèque Nationale if you take clandestine digital photographs of the mocrofilm reader, rather than argue with the photocopy-flunkies. It is the most useful my digital camera has ever been.

I have learned a great deal more than I knew before about Gilbert-Louis Duprez.

Since getting back, it's been one "last thing" after another. I had a list. I'm not going to make it to everything on the list. Iceskating at Somerset House and climbing to the top of The Monument will, I fear, not happen for a very, very long time. But I did go the Freud Museum.

Monday, a last night with R—. Tuesday, a swank dinner with B—. Wednesday, a night out with the housemates. Tonight, the leaving do. Tomorrow, an intimate dinner at the home of O—.

My ability to introspect seems to be dwindling to hitherto unknown levels.

I. Hate. Packing.

Oh and last night? Out with the housemates? I did a thing that I have never done before, and will never, ever do again. Don't worry - it was entirely legal and safe. But let it suffice to say that when you are leaving a country, you have very little dignity to save.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is, indeed, the last night of the London segment of GLR, I want to take the chance to salute the only website I visit more frequently than the New York Times and the AMcQ link on eBay. Buon viaggio e tanti auguri! The Fashion Conscious Prostitution Expert, A.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Dr. H said...

I am going to be very sad at your leaving. I'm thrilled you got to do more things than most Londoners will ever do, and I know I'll miss living vicariously through your blog too. Au revoir mon ami...

5:55 PM  
Blogger Cement Brunette said...

Happy Holidays, Greg. It looks like I might miss you here in SF, although no one is quite sure when or if you are going to be here.

10:43 PM  

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