Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It has happened twice now

Okay, so my first full day here in Seattle I decide to go wandering around familiar places. And I walk into my favorite Seattle coffee house (which, incidentally, is near the school I attended when I was 14, although it didn't exist then), and what do I hear, but the voice Rachel Stevens, critically lauded British pop star, formerly of S-Club-7. This is exactly the music I thought I would never hear again -- Rachel isn't even listed as an artist in the US version of iTunes, even though if you switch to UK iTunes there are a half-dozen albums. The coffee house is just playing the whole album, while the (apparently American) barista was explaining to cashier why she was so great (which she is). A coincidence of timing, but it seemed significant.

Then today, I popped into a vintage store on Broadway (vintage stores here are so much better). And the store is playing, again as an entire album, "Different Class" by Pulp. I mean, I guess people in the US listen to this album (I know you do, BQ) -- but you certainly can't count on hearing "Disco 2000" every single time you go out in the US like you can in London.

So it goes.


Blogger Dr. H said...

Will you be doing another blog in the US? If so, do tell us about it!

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg, I'm back in Seattle so give me a call and we'll get together before you head South.

- D.P. (back) in Seattle

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Jo said...

Miss you Gregoire! Rachel's alright, but I can't understand why Sugababes' Push The Button wasn't a massive hit in the US - surely a genius pop song transcends all boundaries of culture and nation? And Girls Aloud, too, they're pretty ace. Rachel's ok, I suppose ...

Come back and say hi on the Londonists forum sometime. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9:54 PM  

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