Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time marches on

The Colloquium: It's lacking a conclusion, but has a lot of prose I like. It will be okay.

The Visa: Mailed off on Monday. There is a document that I maybe should have included that I didn't; wondering if it's worth sending under separate cover. I received a letter from the Home Office today informing me that they'd taken my money. It takes then three days to take my money, but 4-8 weeks to return my passport. Grr.

The Fellowship Check: It appears that, just like last time I tried to mail a check to my US bank, the check is lost in Royal Mail limbo. I hate the Royal Mail so, so much. I probably have enough money to allow me to eat. For now.

Londonist: I'm taking a break for obvious reasons, although I was finally able to post this, which I wrote a while ago, and which I'm actually rather pleased with. I'm thinking of taking a break from colloquium work tonight to write a quick thing about the Xenakis Festival this weekend.

Other News: I did tear myself away from work last Saturday to accept an invitation fro Dr. H to go to a gay and lesbian ballroom dancing night at the Rivoli Ballroom in Crofton Park. It was actually incredibly fun. The ballroom is beautiful beyond description. This deserves a long, long essay of its own, but... I just don't have it in me right now. Suffice it to say that it was very very fun, the steps came back to me very quick, there was hilarious line-dancing, the drinks were way cheap, I very fond of Dr. H's new boyfriend, and... some details of the night's conclusion will have to be consigned to a more discreet forum.

Tomorrow: The conclusion gets written, come hell or high water. Etc.


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Please Greg, you can just call me H.

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